By combining smart brand and creative strategy and executing?impeccable design delivered to the appropriate platforms OTBI delivers marketing materials that help you get things done.

Our philosophy is simple: If you establish a seamless visual presence across web, mobile, social networks and print, and convey relevant messaging through email, social media and advertising campaigns, your business can attract new prospects and stay connected with existing customers.

Integrated Marketing


Strategy and Planning


There is nothing more important than a well thought-out, intelligent strategic plan with clear objectives. Whether you are an established business or a start-up Outside The Box Interactive works with you to define and refine your strategy in an effort to achieve your business or communication goals. Our creative process begins by immersing ourselves in your business, gathering information about your brand, your philosophy and your customers. What is the problem you are trying to solve? What is the end goal of your marketing efforts? Whether it is to build relationships with your customers, to sell products, to generate new leads or to promote an event we need to define what the final outcome should be in order to accurately position your message.
Creative Development


We are thinkers, consultants, developers, and coders, but above all else we are designers. Fueled by a passion for creative excellence, our dedicated designers, copywriters, developers and programmers distinctly differentiate you from your competition. We’ll take your brand’s imagery, understand its philosophy and go along way with both – our work is custom to each client.


This is the stage where creative design meets technical functionality. Like the thump of car door or the stitching on a sleeve, attention to detail is what constitutes quality in a product. For us that is consistency in your message and brand image. As your project takes form we conduct a series of tests to make sure every aspect is functioning correctly and seamlessly integrated. The final product will be unique, battle-tested and highly professional.